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เพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับ handheld

  • Handheld | Definition of handheld by Merriam-Webster

    designed to be used while being held in your hands. 17 of the finest words for drinking ». Full Definition of HANDHELD. : held in the hand; especially : designed  ...


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  • Home | Handheld Films

    Hand Held Films is a full service, and service oriented, film equipment rental house located in Downtown Manhattan, New York. We rent film and digital cameras.


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  • Handheld - definition of handheld by The Free Dictionary

    Compact enough to be used or operated while being held in the hand or hands: a handheld video camera. n. A digital device, such as a computer, PDA, or cell ...


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  • Handheld Group

    Handheld rugged computers, rugged handhelds and rugged tablets for tough environments. Dustproof, waterproof computers made for industrial and outdoor ...


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